I never realized a move out of state was scamworthy, similar to cruise ship crime. VERY BLURRY LAWS. | That being said, this company quoted low, and added $2K once the movers showed up. (stoned at that) They put a big hole in the wall, dropped things etc. But really all we cared about was “the” motorcycle. IT never came with the order 3 weeks later. I digress, they charged me this extra payment of $1K. They must call it the SUCKA charge because the driver was going to hold our house hostage if not given another grand. We never realized all the other damaged and missing items until we started to unload over the next couple weeks. From this point on we are on the the do not answer list from them to fix all of the problems. | literally Tina (finance) is unavailable , in a meeting, gone for the day, will call back. ALL LIES. After 2 weeks my husband drove the two thousand miles to retreive his motorcycle, afraid it was going to auction. | Its deplorable to tret veterans so shabbily! | I dont know how these employees live with theirselves knowing that their job is to rip people off, especially seniors. Probably most people dont bother taking action, but i intend to. | So, Mark, robbie,Tina, Avery, Deven, you’ll be hearing from me.


Name: Acclaimed Movers And Storage

Country: United States

State: California

City: North Hollywood

Address: 12204 Sherman Way

Phone: 888-668-3703

Website: www.acclaimedmovers.com/