Eforcity and Accstation is the same company, just different names. nThey sell a lot of merchandise on eBay. I bought some ink cartridges for my printer. They have their own check out system and they don’t use PayPal. Went to their check out and I couldn’t get my payment through. I called them and left 4 messages and 3 emails and they never answered back. Four days later when I still couldn’t get through their check out site and they never responded to my calls or email, I bought my ink cartridges through someone else. nA week later, this company sent me an email saying their system was down but they fixed it and that I can now go through the process order. I called a total of 6 times with 8 emails sent and their company never responded back. I tried to tell them that people can’t wait a week to buy something and since they never answered my calls or emails, I had no idea how long or if they were ever going to fix their site. Instead of calling me or responding to me they reported me to eBay saying I refused to buy what I bid on and now eBay wants to give me an Unpaid strike. nJust in this past month alone, this company has 500 negative feedback on not answering emails or their phone calls. I reported this company to the BBB and their rebuttal was that they did send me an email and it must have been sent to my junk mail and I must not have noticed that they wrote back. Now, that is a lie. They never wrote me back and I don’t have a junk email site. Everything, important emails or junk come to the same email address and I read or deletle every piece of email. Don’t buy from this company because they have the worst customer service. nJannPembroke Pines, FloridaU.S.A.

P.O. Box1368 Arcadia, California U.S.A.


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