I ordered a Lifeproof Case for my son’s iPhone 4 from an online company calling themselves True Accessory. The product was never shipped but they promptly charged my credit card $41.09. When I attempted to contact customer service their website only offered me the option of sending an email with my transaction # and problem. I was never contacted by the company. I contacted my credit card company and set up a dispute. I also did an online search and discovered that this company goes by several aliases but billing seems to appear as Acctown with 888-474-7910 listed as corporate phone number. The Company address is listed as 1510 Castle Hill Ave. Suite 403 Bronx, New York. Others are reporting receiving merchandise that was counterfeit or missing portions of the full order. I do not recommend doing business with True Accessory or Acctown Accessory. Buyer Beware: It’s A Scam……..

1510 Castle Hill Ave Suite 403 Bronx, New York Internet USA


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