Accumotors LLC Rip off! Lied! Scam! Misrepresentation! Fraud!Do not honor warranty! columbia Missouri!!. I purchased a 2006 Mazda 3 transmision from Accumotors in Columbia Missouri off eBay. I didnt do much research about the company at the time of purchase, a few days later I was advised that the transmission I had purchased was missing some parts and that if I wanted I could cancel the transaction. I asked which items were missing and canceled , i talked to my mechanic about the missing parts off the transmission and he advised me that the missing parts were external parts that in fact he wasnt planning on replacing some of them when swapping the transmission. I then called them and we agreed on a new price based on the fact that they had some parts missing and the transmission pan had a small dent on it. The lady on the phone persuaded me to pay for the transmission on the phone via my credit card and not to go through paypal , she claimed that this was easier and the payment would be processed faster hence my transmission would be shipped the same day!In fact she stated that everything as on eBay in terms of the warranty remained the same and I was still under a 30 day warranty. One week later, my mechanic received the transmission and installed it two days later. Upon installing it , the transmission was not shifting past the first gear! he proceeded to call me and inform me about what was going on , infact he told me that when he opened the transmission pan to replace the pan {since it had a dent) and also to replace the transmission filter , he noticed that the magnet had numerous metal shavings on it . He advised me that if the transmission had not been taken care of , then thats the reason i was having shifting problems. I called accumotors to advise them on what was going on and thats when my nightmare bagan. The lady on the phone stated that they had to talk to my mechanic and confirm a few things and that they would be giving the mechanic a call in a few days since she didnt have anyone in the shop to do so that day. A few days passed and when I called to follow up , she stated that they had tried calling the mechanic and couldn’t reach him, when I asked if i could have the mechanic call them she stated that that wasnt possible because the owner was out of the country!!! She even started getting annoyed and stated that I was calling too much!!At one time she even started shouting on the phone and then hang up! I gave it a few days to see whether they would make any attempt to correct the mistake to no avail. In fact when I called to check on the progress she told me that she wasnt going to work with me since I had threatened to take up legal action. She then stated that If i wanted to return the transmission , that they would give me a refund but I would have to pay for return shipping . First, the only reason I was returning the transmission is because it was defective , if the transmission was working as it should have I wouldnt have been returning it so why am I the one responsible for the shipping ?? I was already in the whole for labor since the mechanic would need to be paid again to remove the transmission and reinstall another one!! It is at this time that I did some research and I found out that they had lied about testing the transmission and on top of that , they had misrepresnted the miles on the transmission. I found an exact similar listing to the one I had purchased on eBay , same picture, same vin number but different miles on the transmission! They had previously listed the transmission for sale with 84,000 miles and witha 6 month warranty!The listing I purchased from only had 52,000 miles and a 30 day warranty! I also did some research and I found out that they had purchased the vehicle they took the transmission from and it was listed as having 84000 miles! so how did the transmission roll back in miles! I was also able to obtain some photos of the vehicle and thats when I confirmed that they had lied about test driving the vehicle prior to taking the transmission out! The car was rolled over and was in no shape at all to be driven !! How did they test the transmission?? This company is a rip off !! Please do your due diligence prior to dealing with them! There are numerous cases online of people complaining about this company misreprensting their products ! I found many of people stating that they bought cars from them that they later came to find out had a salvage history yet there was no mention of it at the time of purchase !

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