Ace Appliance Repair will rip you off anyway they can. I purchased 4 used kitchen appliances from this business a few months ago. Since the day I bought them they have been nothing but trouble, and Ace appliance did not stand behind their 30 day warranty. I call Ace and reported the problems I was having out of the appliances and they said they would get to it, but by the time they came to check out them out they were out of the 30 day warranty, so I was stuck either paying to have them repaired or haul them off. The washing machine only works in 1 cycle, the dryer had to have a new timer (which cost me $70 service call plus parts), the dishwasher only works in 2 out of 5 cycles, and the refrigerator only ran for 2 months and then the compressor went out, so I had it hauled off and bought a new one from a well know retailer. I will never buy another piece of junk appliance from Ace Appliance Repair or have them come to my home and work on any of my appliances. I hope others benefit from this report. If this business has ripped you off let it be known.

135 Maple Acres Road Princeton, West Virginia United States of America