ACE CAR RENTAL THEY ARE THIEVES! THEY HAVE NO MANNERS OR CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE! ORLANDO Florida!!. I am not sure about renting from in the future. I HAD THE WORST EXPERIENCE W/ACE CAR RENTAL IN ORLANDO. THEY ARE THE WORST MF EVER. I BROUGHT BACK THE CAR AND THEY WERE CLOSED. WHEN I REACHED THERE ON 2/18TH – THEY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A FORD SUV – WHICH IS REQUESTED. I WAS TOLD THAT IT’S SUPPLY AND DEMAND AND IT’S FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED. like seriously????? I returned the car on 2/21 at 3:45am – of which they were closed. You would think that when they were doing to pick up – desk transaction on 2/18th – the idiot – a*****e at the desk would bother to tell me this. Should I really have to ask – this is something that they should tell people. Allowing people to arrange for a drop off – when a center is not open – is quite bullshit. This s**t NEVER AND DOES NOT HAPPEN IN NEW YORK…..BUT I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. NEXT TIME: I will rent from other well known rental places. it does not pay to be frugal. I will also disputing my originally quoted charge with my bank. I paid $119 for an suv, when I got there…they claimed that they never had one and gave me a car….of which they jacked up the price and told me that the charge was $160+. If I was not that tired, I would have told them to take me back to the airport and booked w/Hertz, National or Alamo. There will never be a next time for me. Ace Car Rental is a bunch of MF jackasses. I had to take the vehicle back to my Aunts home – which is like 16 miles, then take Uber to the airport – so I wouldn’t miss my flight. I should be sending the MF punk a*s Manager and CEO the bill for my Uber to the airport. Companies like this should never exist. I also asked my aunt to return the rental…of which they want to charge me $25 for another person dropping of the rental. This could have been avoided – if I wasn’t trying to be cheap. Next time I will know much better! I will also take a copy of all of this and post a review on their website. ACE Rent A Car confirmation number PRF3501383. Sincerely, Althea W

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