They claim to be a debt collector. They claim I received a loan and its past due I owe 970. I need to pay Whats owed or pay a settlement amount of 281.23. They claim if I ignore them they will take me to court and etc… When asked if I can pay using my bank ir debit card they emailed me back which is there only form of communication because when you call the phone number given no one answers. They state I need to pay by using a non relodable prepaid card. I know for a fact once you give them the card number they dont even need the card ro steal your money. Please be careful this is a scam. Do not oay anyone using a prepaid card or by western union ir money gram. Those are ways they try to get people. I have never heard of this company and am not being reached out by any one let alone they are using a name for me that I have not used in so long. I have more pictures as proof but it only allows one upload. I hope I am able to help someone and I wish they could stop this person from scamming. please help!