ACME Precision Diesel or APD Caleb Wilkins (shop manager) Kevin Kelley (Owner) Steve Coogler (Owner) Billed for work never completed. Charged over 600 dollars for 9 minutes of phone calls etc Greer South Carolina!!. I’ve spoke to several people who have been stole from or lied to. Caleb Wilkins is a liar and make no mistake a thief. He has charged for work not completed or even started. He has put on old parts when I paid for new parts. He charged 2 hours of labor for a 15 minute job. Several PM or preventative maintenance, which is more than just an oil change, oil change should have been in the 360 dollar range instead it was over 620.00 and never did a PM only oil change. STAY AWAY from this place, I wouldn’t imagine they will be in business much longer, especially since they delete their emissions on several of their trucks. This is a violation of the clean air act. Much more, lets start with this

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