If you are thinking of purchasing a spa from spa man spas, I suggest you RUN the other direction. The problem is not the sales process, they are very good at selling spas and treating potenital customers very well. nThe problem is once they have your money, the customer service will stop all together. They sold us a $5500 spa with a warranty and when it started to fall a part, it took us 7 weeks of leaving messages to even get a call back from someone to even file our warranty claim. It has now been over 4 months and we do not have one single replacement part. When I recently contacted the store manager Larry Godek and told him my issues still had not been fixed he said “I don’t know what you want me to do”” and when I asked him what would happen if my parts never showed up

he said “”well I guess you wont be any worse off than you already are.”” nI filed a complaint with the BBB and Spa Man Spas is now saying its not thier fault

it is the manufacturer’s warranty. News flash

I bought the spa from them

they are the ones facilitating the warranty work