Received a call from ACS Legal services 844-384-4176 claiming I owed Capital One over $500 for an outstanding credit card debt from 2012 and I was being sued. I tried to let her know there is no outstanding debt and that they are wrong but she not only had a ton of my information she kept talking over me repeatedly staing who I was, my ss number, my email and address and sayimg if its not my debt then why do they have all my info. But, i couldnt answer because she continued to speak rudely and over me.I even said my credit was horrible in 2012 so no one would have given me a credit card so stop trying to scam me. This just made her more mad and rude. I have 2 capital one credit cards which are both in good standing so after 20 minutes of arguing with me and saying I will have to pay $1500 in court costs and the $500 bill but if I pay $301 dollars today I may qualify for debt forgiveness and me continuing to refuse the debt and refusing to make any payments she said good luck in court and slammed the phone down. I called capital one and indeed I do NOT have an out standing debt with them and was given the fraud dept email to file a fraud claim against ASC through capital one. I filed the complaint and I’m waiting for them to investigate. ACS Legal Services is a fraudulant company, have rude disrespectful people to spek to, and are flat out liars! Don’t trust them, do your homework and check the debt before you give them ANY money. With the complaints on them WHY are they still in business?


Name: ACS Legal Services

Country: United States

State: California

City: Oceanside

Address: 826 S Pacific St,

Phone: 844-384-4176