Hello,I have been scammed. I got an email from Kyle Winterbottom supposedly Scheduler of BestMark, a Mysteryshopping company I have worked for years with and never had an issue with, stating he had a job for me to purchase $200 ebay card at cvs. I did so and did not question it and thought since I am a reliable shopper for them, that they were relying on me to complete the shop urgently. I made the purchase and sent the picture receipt. He had sent me the instructions via email first. Then he followed up after my shop telling me it was and that I could do more shops with a bonus amount. I was promised pay on Wednesday via PayPal. I followed up on Wednesday and now I have gotten no responses back. What do I do, how do I get my money back???I accepted it very quickly because it seemed legit, I have done similar jobs before like this and they turned out fine. And when I checked and looked up Kyle’s name, he does show up as a BestMark employee even on LinkedIn. I called the mystery shopping company and they said they never heard it this person and that I was scammed. She provided no assistance whatsoever and basically said they have no control over scammers. I understand that part but she did not seem to want any more information on how I got the communication, who this person was, what website they used. She said it’s LinkedIn responsibility to verify employment validity. I told them they have a wholenqebsite that is dedicated to impersonating them, and they did not seem to care.I told her I would put in a formal complaint and to remove me from shopping with them ever again. She said find and hung up.Anyhow, any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.See below for exact email scam.Thank you,Hi xx,Thank you for your interest in this project.We recently received your application for this shop and you have been assigned to shop the following stores;1.CVS(02472)You may choose to shop on any day from today.I have been appointed as your scheduler and will be available to help guide you through this survey.Find below full shop guidelines and details of how to proceed.GUIDELINES:1.Make an effort to appear like any other shopper in the store.2.Do not take any of the paperwork associated with the shop onto the premises.3.Do not ask employees questions that a typical shopper would not ask.4.Do not stare at name tags.5.Be patient while on the queue.6.You may make purchases by cash or card.7.In a case where i single $ 200 Ebay gift card is not in stock, you are to purchase smaller units to make up the target amount (eg $ 50 x4 = $ 200)8.You will be permitted to keep and use the purchased gift cards after reports are received and approval is given by the client at the end of the projectWhile shopping please take note of the following;* Ebay Gift card visibility on the display stand.*Observe staff conduct.* Take pictures of the card display stand.* Availability of Ebay Gift Cards in $ 200 denomination.* Check out time (Card activation and payment processing).* Take pictures of purchased card and receipt.TERMS:You have the option to purchase between 1 to 2 cards worth $200 each per store visited.The reimbursement is $30 per target item purchased. (Which means you get $30 for each $200 Ebay gift card purchased)Total reimbursement for this survey is $ 230 / survey ($ 200 card purchase + $ 30 shopper fee) via PayPal within 3-5 business days after report is Submitted.ROTATION;Evaluators can complete all visits in a day and can visit the same locations again after 24hrsEvaluators can visit up to 3 different locations for this project.Evaluators can purchase a minimum of 1 card per shop and a maximum of 2 cards per shop.DEAL BREAKERS;Failure to submit your report by midnight on the date of your visit.Missing photos or receipt.Incorrect purchase of compliance item.TO PROCEED;Please reply "I AGREE" to signify acceptance of the terms and proceed to your locations of choice.When purchase is done, use the link below to fill out a report for each location visited.Chain store Survey Submission;CLICK HEREPlease read the form carefully during uploads.Kyle WinterbottomSchedulerBestMark, Inc.5500 Feltl Road,Minnetonka,MN 55343