I applied for a part time position at Target to evaluate products and provide a review. Instead I received a letter and check for $950 from a Chase, Cashiers Check for $950. My job was to cash the check and purchase several hundred dollars worth of gift cards from Target or even Walmart within 24-36 hours. Next, I was to give a report on customer service. I was then instructed to take a picture of the numbers on the gift cards, and send them to the phone number provided. The last instruction was to wait for the gift cards to be picked up from my home.The check and letter were clearly not from Target. The address on the envelope was from an apartment in Chicago. Target’s main office is in Minnesota.I contacted Target and they do suggested it was a scam. I am getting texts from the scammers suggesting that a pick up for the gift cards will take place soon. I have not responded. I still have the check, the email, phone number and letter sent. I tried to scan the letter to send to you, however my scanner is not working. I would like to report this to the appropriate authorities besides Target. They were going to let other stores know, however I am concerned that older people not familiar with the internet will be scammed out of nearly $1000. Thanks, Jennifer John