I was contacted by a gentlemen that said he was an Asset Manager with this company. He asked if I was interested in handling a forecloseure or REO for him to market and sell. (he sounded very young and uneducated) I abliged him and as he spoke I noticed that I had heard this shpeel before… It was from REOPRO or iREO. | Of course he then asked for a credit card to pay for preservation and saod i would be reimbersed. I said that I would have to do some research before I handed over any credit card information. FAST FORWARD 3 hours later my colleague got the same call but he fell for it… I told him to call his bank immediately to dispute the $300.00 Charge and told him about my experience. | The charge was reversed by his bank later that day. DO NOT PAY THIS COMPANY ANYTHING THEY HAVE NO LISTINGS.


Name: Active Assets Group

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Schaumburg

Address: 10 N Martingale Rd Ste 400 Road

Phone: 1-224-600-5005

Website: activeassetsgroup.com/