Acts complete maitence Sneaky liar and slick Nashville Tennessee!!. My name is Lamar I recently went to acts fleet maintenance for them to repair my truck. I called on the weekend to see if acts fleet was ase certified to work on my freightliner Columbia and this guy Mike answered the phone and he said yes. I told Mike my issue he said that he could repair it and to bring it in Monday. I said ok no problem Mike seemed like he was very knowledgeable and a good person.Monday roles around I get there 730am the guy at the front desk was pretty kool and we had a decent conversation Mike rolls around and says absolutely nothing I asked the guy at the front desk was that Mike the master mechanic and he said yes. The guy at the desk said Mike had a train break down at the railroad tracks and he had to go repair it I said ok fine it’s gonna be and hour or two I said kool 3 hours role by and Mike comes back and say it’s break time meanwhile I see three other mechanics and they are just standing around. I ask the guy at the front desk how much longer and he said probably another hour I said fine it is now 1:30 and I am irritated. I went to my truck and took a nap and finally at 4:55 Mike opens my cab door and plug in his old and out dated computer and says you have a fuel injector problem and I said ok,Mike said come back tomorrow and I will order your parts and get started on it in fact he said drop your trailer and their is a truck stop up the street I said fine ok. Once again I arrived at 730 and there were 3 mechanics standing around doing absolutely nothing I went in side and the same guy at the front desk was polite and kool Mike ask me did I have a good night sleep I said it wasn’t bad. Mike said I am looking for your parts to call and order I said ok no problem well time rolls by and its 12:00 and I am irritated noone has told me anything I call freightliner they give me a quote on the parts labor and how many man hours it will take for the truck will be fixed and they stated a date and time labor. I go inside and tell Mike whats the hold up I ask him to give me a quote on the prices and give me a time when you will work on the truck he started to fumble his words and I ask him How much is his labor per hour and he said he doesn’t know. I told Mike I have a quote from freightliner the price the labor and the man hours it will take to complete the work order he got mad and said fine go to freightliner I Don’t care. Mike then said I charge $115 and hour for labor and if you wanna leave that’s what you got to pay me I said where on the wall or in your shop do you have labor rates posted and he just starred. Mike then said its a 2 hour minimum plus tax I said ok walked out wrote a commcheck for 251.38 cents for 5 minutes of work and a bunch of lies and deceit. I recommend anyone don’t ever go to this place he is a ripoff and a con artist as I was leaving I looked at his reviews and I saw a report that happened in 2018 I should of known better to check online rather than to trust people words. Again again stay away from these people are full of s*** and games

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