ANDREA PECORA hired the wrong team this time. Let me tell you how she operates. She called me out of the blue and I looked at my roommate and said your boss is calling me!!!!! ANDREA PECORA ask me if I would be able to go and do Safety Training at a chemical plant in Monongahela Pa TODAY!!!! Her next question was can you start work this evening. My roommate and I told her that we could do the training and start work this evening. So we met her at the Chemical Plant. She proceeds to tell us what needs to be done. She had steel toes for us to wear, BUT she expected us to buy our own on payday. She DIDN’T tell us that she was HOLDING our first weeks pay. That is ILLEGAL. EVERY TIME she ask us to do something she knew that it would be done. I had to take my own gloves. Took one of my own mops because she didn’t have one for each building. My roommate and I worked like slaves for her!!!! I had a vacation planned and I told her that the first day I spoke to her. I started working on October 5,2015. She held the first week. And cheated us out of a hundred dollars on that pay. When I was getting ready to go on vacation, her choice words You F****** B*****!! When I returned from vacation and went to work at the Chemical Plant. She had Caroline in there working with my roommate. Which EVERYTHING that Caroline was to do was NOT done. Yes we reported it to ANDREA but nothing was done about it!!!! Except that we had to clean up EVERYTHING that was not done. We bought our own steel toes like we were told by Andrea. My roommate had an issue with Andrea telling her that if someone quit or got fired that she would move up from the job she was doing BUT of course that didn’t happen. So Andrea called me and said my roommate had QUIT at the dealership and wanted to know if I had intended to continue working for her. I informed Andrea that my car wasn’t running and I would try to find a ride. ANDREA called me back 10 minutes later and said that my roommate and I could just have the night off. Andrea also said that before we could have our paycheck she had to have a signed 1099. Well needless to say we both returned the 1099 to her and she is refusing to send our last paycheck to us. We will be filing for legal action against her, if she has refused to pay you I highly recommend that you do the same. I worked for that paycheck and I’m gonna get my money from her. I will be calling my attorney first thing in the morning!!!!


Name: Ad & Cleaning North Versallies

Country: United States

State: Pennsylvania

City: North Versailles

Address: 1819 Howell

Phone: 412-583-9648