Complaint: This company offers craigslist software that automatically posts ads onto craiglist and other sites. I decided to sign up for their 3 day trial. They state they do not charge you until the 3rd day and if you cancel in the trial period you won’t be charged $100 a month for the software. After using the software twice it not only didn’t work but required you to create many different craigslist accounts. After contacting there online support rep Sean Castillo he tried to help me by showing me that you are suppose to click the emailed invoice and click the hyper link that says cancel subscription. Turns out the invoice contains no such button. Sean even took over my screen using some program to manipulate on my computer. Not only did he confirm there was no link but he assured me I wouldnt be billed and he would forward the problem to their billing department. After never reciveing a confirmation email the 3rd day arrived and I emailed support multiple times with the same resposne. “whats the problem how can we help”” I replied

Tags: Computer Software

Address: the software wasnt what I wanted please cancel my account and confirm this No repsones from anyone. Then I see a charge for $100 the following day. I’ve contacted my bank to sipute the charges. Beware this company is fraudlent with a losuy product. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.”


Phone: Internet USA