Pls share this with everyone you know. There is a stand in the Prien Lake Mall in Lake Charles, La with two women pulling you off to the side to sell you miracle cream. They are on the end towards jcpenny, around the ulta / Maurice area. The woman who did a demonstration and sold me, what I could find on line for around $30 total online, a moisturizer that burns when you put it on. She told me to call her if I had any questions and was very nice while she was taking my money. When I called to tell her what happened and told her I wanted a refund, her response is screenshotted below. Don’t let them fall victim to the scam I found myself in, $87 later. She only gave me her first name, Hila, and her phone number, 9545059247, told me she was Jewish and didn’t work on the sabbath. *update* I’m finding lots of bad reviews online. And these are just a few. The only good reviews I can find are straight off the companys website, no good reviews from anyone else. Seems odd right?!

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