Adam Aarons Rainpal Sells a product that does not exist. Aldenham Hertfordshire!!. My name is Josh D. I ordered what was advertised as a working product last year. Since then I have been given excuse after excuse for why I do not have a Rainpal. Adam Aarons has blocked all methods of contact that I have used to reach him.Phone, email, social media have all been blocked. Adam Aarons has stolen my money. Adam Aarons is a scammer and should not be trusted. Rainpal is a complete scam and the product will never come to fruition. The Indiegogo campaign was shut down due to Adam being a scam artist and is currently u201cunder reviewu201d Indiegogo Due to this, Adam, has started a u201cKeep it allu201d Fundrazr campaign to swindle people out of their hard earned cash. Fundarzr Campaign Note the u201cKeep it allu201d bit.The campaign keeps the money raised regardless of the amount or how long it takes. Adam Aarons has taken money from over 200 people during the past year and they have received nothing in return.A few photos of some plastic have been posted to his Facebook page but that is all.He constantly reposts the same CGI video and passing it off as something new. Adam has refused to answer any questions and ends up being abusive when people donu2019t agree with him. The same thing happens on his Facebook page. If you say anything even remotely critical of this imaginary product, your post is removed, you are blocked from posting again and classed as a troll.

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