I received an e-mail to be a secret shopper for Target. I clicked the link which took me to the Target website, so I thought it might be legit. I put in my info, figuring the company would contact me to fill out an application or something. About a week later, I received a package containing my "instructions" for my first assignment along with a cashier’s check for $2850.24. The instructions were to deposit the money in my bank account and purchase $2450 worth of Ebay gift cards in any denomination wherever they sell Ebay gift cards, although it was supposed to be a Target secret shopping survey. I was then instructed to 1. Open the pack and peel the silver scratch-off area on the card 2. Capture image of card front and back." I wondered what in the world buying Ebay gift cards has to do with secret shopping. I also know from working in retail that purchasing such a large amount of gift cards would send up a red flag, so I began researching. I found out that legitimate secret shoppers make in a range of $8-$25 per shopping trip, not $400.