Complaint: This is one of the worse companies I have worked with! I interviewed with Naina Shah (daughter of President) and it was the most bizzare interview ever. All she asked was when can I start working? I began training the same week and right away I kew this company was not for me! It is the most unprofessional environment ever. The daughter literally barks orders for assistants to do, while she does nothing but browse Facebook all day! No one in this office knows how to speak to people. Apparently they don’t realize that this is America, not India where you can maybe treat employees as disposable objects. I was forced to work overtime during my training without pay. When I received notice of my first pay check, it was only for $10 p/h. The daughter had mentioned in the interview that I would be paid $12. I also found out that she lied about what the other assistants were being paid. She said they were being paid the same as I was, but that was untrue since they both made a lot more than me. I decided to quit. It took over a month to receive my paycheck for the time that i was there. I literally had to threaten to complain against them to the employee review board before they finally decided to pay me. And yet, they paid me at $8 p/h rather than the $10 they promised. Apparently, no assistant stay with them for more than 6 months. I should have taken this as cue not to work here.

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: 37 west 39th st new york, New York USA


Phone: 2129978440