I received 2 voicemails one day apart, at 7:30am each day. A woman by the name of Tina Grace says that she has been tasked to deliver me a notice of intent. She then goes on to say that my name and ssn has been attached to this case and I need to call the filing office directly to take care of this matter. She left a "case number" for me to use when I call back. My husband called them back and they wanted him to confirm my ssn as I have a payday loan that is outstanding…… I have never taken a loan out in my life. My husband said absolutely not and they said they would say the last 4 of the ssn and then he can confirm or deny it. Low and behold they don’t even have the right ssn. They hang up right away when my husband informed them but that didn’t stop them from leaving the second voicemail the next morning. I am suppose to be served today but since this is clearly a scam I would like others to know as well. I see multiple reports online for the same number with the same scam. I see that if you do call back and give them information they ask for ssn, address and give you a specific amount that you need to pay right away. Did not get that far in the conversation but that is their end goal.