I am a u201cUS NAVY VETERANu201d. On November 1st, 2018, I needed to replace my Wiper Blades with New Wiper Blades for my 2013 Ford Escape Titanium. I first began my search online at the Advance Auto website, shop.advanceautoparts.com, for u201c28 inch Rain-X Latitude 2-n-1 Wiper Bladesu201d. The price online for the u201c28 inch Rain-X Latitude 2-n-1 Wiper Bladesu201d is $17.99. I went to Advance Auto Parts store #07787 in Rochester Pennsylvania, to purchase this item. In the store, they are $25.99, a difference of 44.5 %. Associate Tom began to do my purchase and needed Manager Jon S approval to lower the price. I waited for about 10 to 14 minutes with Associate Tom for this to occur while ManagerJon S. ignored me and took care of 3 other customers before attending to me. The Manager Jon S. did not want to lower the price. He reluctantly lowered the price when I informed him of the u201cAdvance Auto Parts Price Match Guaranteeu201d Policy, which states u201c[If the customer prefers to purchase the product in the store, Advance Team Members will match the online price.]u201d He then told me about an in-store special for a cheaper and lower quality inferior set of Blades. He made the comment with a very poor attitude, saying “You are going to pay more for the Rain-X brand””. I almost always purchase the Rain-X brand. I also told him I needed the Wiper Blades installed

which is part of their “”In-Store Services””. I am a u201cUS NAVY VETERANu201d and I proudly wear my “”US NAVY VETERAN”” ballcap whenever I leave my house. Even after presenting my Veteran ID

he would not give me my Military Discount. His exact comment was “”It is Double Dipping””. I also have a $5.00 “”Speed Perk”” he never asked for my “”Advance Auto Parts”” loyalty card nor phone number and he would not apply it to my purchase. I was treated by Manager Jon S. with without any respect at all during my visit. I have grown sick and tired of his condescending attitude


and treating me like an Idiot EVERY time from Manager Jon whenever I shop at this store. On many occasions