Phone Payday Loan Scam


My Complaint: Received call on 4/27 at 10:23am from 4434405429 – Legal Review Services / Kimberly Stewart who stated she was filing 2 counts of felony check fraud against me under Title 13 Section 1344 of the US Penal Code. I would need to call Lakeside Mitigations at 704-247-5085

I called Lakeside Mitigations at 10:27am and spoke with Attorney Kristen Rosati who stated this was due to a payday loan opened on 9/20/12 and the total cost due with fees is around 1300.00. I asked who the loan was through – she stated Advance Cash at 866-231-5233

Due to many scams in the past from foreign sounding individuals, I am certain this is a scam. I contacted the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office who stated it sounds like a scam and if it is a debt – most likely they would file civil charges not criminal.

I contacted my Legal Insurance Group – ARAG ( / 800-247-4184 Member ID 286451290005) who opened a Credit Identity Theft profile under my name (through CSID –
855-890-2743 – User ID Slockhart). Within that, I found many payday loans that are showing paid in full and satisfied, except one.

I also talked with an attorney, Bonnie Moses (215-496-2904) who stated she also feels this is a scam.

On 4/28 at 10:00am, I received another call from Kimberly Stewart of Legal Review Services stating she is moving forward and filing at 2pm today. It takes up to 24 hours to process, and they will serve me at my home or place of employment for arrest.

I then called Advance Cash – Mickey Wright at 866-231-5233 who stated all she can see is an account opened in 2012 for a total of $1352.64. She stated my last known address, my last four of my social, and my telephone number. She stated the payment came back as CLOSED ACCOUNT. She stated she does know it goes through 4 different collection agencies before it is referred back to them for Legal Review, and the corporate office (located in Rochester, New York) determines from there that would be needed to be pursued financially or criminally. She stated for any other information, I needed to call Lakeside Mitigations.

I did find a website for Advance Cash ( out of Rochester NY. Reading through all the pages, I am not finding anywhere it states about collection activity.

Worried this may be tied to the Payday loan showing up on my Identity Theft report as written off – I called Payday One LLC at 866-580-1226. They answered as RISE, however when I talked with Rhonda (4/28 at 14:06), she stated that Payday One is what they use to operate as. She stated, after I provided her some of my information, that she sees an online application for 700.00 on 9/11/12 but the loan was never processed or funded. She shows no amount owed in my name.

I called Attorney Steve Rice (877-339-0011_ located in Chambersburg PA (100 Lincoln Way East, Suite C) to inquire on how these can turn into Criminal Charges and my next steps. I had to leave all my information at this time and they will contact me back in 24 hours.


My Demand: They need to grow up and quit playing Stupid Scare the Crap out of people games !!!!