Advance Distribution John Dyer Kokomo, Indiana Illegal theft of property and wages. Kokomo Indiana!!. Do not drive for this company. They will short you every penny they can on company side expenses taken out of your pay. I was an ex comercial driver for them, in April 2018 I left the company and brought the truck to my usual parking area to overnight for a 10 hour reset. In less than 24 hours the truck was gone, takin with over $1,000 worth of my personal belongings. When I contacted Advance Distribution, John Dyer informed me they had taken the truck and also withheld my direct deposit, opting to mail it AFTER DEDUCTING OVER 650$ from my check for “truck recovery”. It had been agreed prior that I was returning the truck within legal hours of service. The truck was less than 3 hours from the Kokomo terminal and was stolen without me being warned or noticed, all of my property in the truck and $650+ illegally stolen from my check. I was a w2 hourly employee. Not a 1099 contractor or owner op. Other expenses taken out of pay – A tow bill that the truck needed after flooding conditions in the area it was parked overnight had it stuck in a mud/gravel lot. 150$ – Over 20 hours of UNAUTHORIZED hours of service log changes done by John Dyer, a huge violation of the law / FMSCA. He did this to minimize pay as we were paid of On Duty + Drive time. – Two hotel stays that were required by the company to get the loads done. They are supposed to pay all hotels required by work, they “accidentally” forget to pay it back on checks more than once They will intentionally miss out vital info before you hire on to fool you into coming on, like the fact the job is manual physical labor unloading trailers of furniture, a fun little detail not brought to my attention until I was actually in kokomo. Their benefits are cut rate bare bone, and no over time pay. They also dont pay for 30 minute dot required breaks but expect you to work through them if you want to get the load done in time. Dont expect a final check, they will chew a bite out of it so large it might as well be nothing. This company is corrupt and unprofessional, dont be the next driver wasting your time working for them.

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