Offered trial products for 14 day at $3.97 and $5.97 if not cancelled you agree to be charged in a monthly subsciption. Products never showed and i was rapidly charged $79.99, $69.99, $79.99, and $5.97 within 2 weeks. I was finally able to track company’s information when some products showed a month later. I found contact info for company on. I sent products back, tracked and delivery comfirmation as instructed by representative, after drawn out delays and waiting for refund to post, after 2 failed attempts i was able to get through to find out where my refund was, and was told by “supervisor” they were unable to process refund past 60 days, and i must contact my bank to dispute charges and they would be able to receive a refund. | As expected, i contacted my bank and disputed each charge. I had a feeling my bank would have a difficult time filing dispute as transactions were past 90 days. It was very obvious “advanceable technologies” draws out initial fraud, happily cancels any further charges, but gets away with $245.88 for nothing or garbage products. Currently, my bank is working on a fraud dispute, but im not holding my breath. I almost have to laugh and say “they got me!” as this is a total, well thought out, scam. I hope this finds others before this company gets over on them, they will scam you out of your money.


Name: Advanceable Technologly

Country: United States

State: Alabama

City: Scottsdale

Address: 15795 N. 76th St.

Phone: 4807714580