Kept asking for money verifacation on green dot card


My Complaint: Was promised low interest installment loan. First told due to poor credit that I needed in good faith for a future repayment to get a greendot money pak card, which I was desperate and foolishly did for $135. I was then told funds would be transferred to my account by an eft payment within the hour. Instead in an hour I was called back and informed that I needed to pay an additional $171 for the purpose of having something to do with the transfer and the treasury dept. Again I foolishly did so, 30 min. later called back and was told I needed to make another payment of $225 for the purpose of some outstanding bill I had to pay off first. I did not make the 3rd. payment. Obviously I new it was to good to be true, looked up web site that was provided & it was a totally different legit co. I also requested the supposed co name that I had a $225 debt with and was told they were not provided with that info.


My Demand: help stop for others sake, would love to have grrendot refund my $