James Knight is once again back to his old tricks. Several years ago he was accused of taking bribes for membership into BAFT, here in Los Angeles. I actually was unsure if this could be true, when it was discussed amongst the Los Angeles Membership. | Low and behold, a fortnight ago, I attended a BAFTA (I am a member), with my girlfried. She is no yet a member. He dad’s family is from Manchester. She was born in the US. She has been acting for just shy of 3 years. She does book work on a regular basis, though her credits may not be quite there.. to be approved for membership. I do not know James well, though we do know each other.. 5+ years. After 3 Jamesons.. he said if my girlfried applied for membership. He said I could count on his vote… though it is not a “lock” that she will be approved, though he would speak to other board members. He said it is quit common, to help each other out in this way. | He did not directly ask me for money. He is now far too smart for that. He did work into the conversation that his son attends a private school, and that it is a small school that is always in need of funding. He asked (wink wink) if we would be willing to make a donation. He did not tell us the amount, only that we could give him a check and that he would make the donation in his name (to avoid attention). | We got the feeling that James was looking for upwards of $2,000.00. he went into considerable detail of the school and how it was helping his son. and how very expensive it is. and that his ex-wife is not in the position of assiting with the tutition.


Name: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Austin

Address: 7171 Southwest Pkwy

Phone: 512-602-1000

Website: www.amd.com