Complaint: I responded to an ad on Craigslist, that read that a failed business stuck in a contract needed to sell their POS system to someone to just take up the payments. When I was contacted back, Mr Bill Cook called and set up an appointment to come meet with us. He came and met with my son whom is a partner, talked him into a “great contract”” and got him to give him a 1000.00 check

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Address: made out to him. He was to come back the next day and set us up. He left and did not come back for over a week. We called and left several messages due to our NEW restaurant opening only days away. He did not call back. We got a little scared and felt the need to stop payment on the check. We learned that he left out restaurant and went straight to the bank and cashed the check. After several more attempts I finally made contact with him and he ended up coming the day before we opened our restaurant. He continously assured me that it would be up and running in 4 hrs. Well

Website: our opening day

Phone: after that day and night of working on the system