Complaint: I was looking for Bridal Flip Flops for my beach wedding. Found what looked like a beautiful pair for just under $50 with white satin flowers on them. They appeared very elegant and full. The ones I recieved had small satin cloth that resembled flowers but the most appaling fact was that they used Old Navy flipflops that usually sell for $1- $5. After confronting the manager (Irene) about how unsatisfied i was she said there was nothing she would do because they were custom made. She asked me to send her a pictue of the onces recieve so she can see if they were what she ordered. After sending the pictures to her she then said that she pulled another pair from the warehouse and they are identital the the others they sell and it was exactly what she ordered. I then called her out on the fact she lied about them being custom made ( how would she pull them from stock if they are custom). She agreed they werent but used thier no return policy as a cruch. It wasn’t after threats of reporting her to OLd Navy, BBB and Ripoff Scams did she offer to provide a 75% refund keeping the remaining 25% for a restocking fee. I would be responsible for the shipping once again. At that point i had already invested $59 including shipping and the cost of the flip flop. If i returned them i would still be out over $30 ($8.95 X 2 for shipping to me and back to them and the $12 retocking fee) so i kept them and decided it would be better to let the world know what this company does to thier customers. This company uses products from a great company like Old Navy who prides themselves on customer services, dolls them up with cheap fabrick and hot glue and marks it up 400%. The hide behind thier no return policy to keep your money and leave you with a product that is not worthy of it’s intention. I bride on her wedding day.

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