Advantage / Hertz rental car DIA Advantage Rental car and also know as Hertz Rental Car in DIA Denver International Airport Rental car’s. satan sucker punched me with fees on my credit card AND preparing to collect for scratches i never was even aware of Internet!!. First of all I am not going to sign my name of add email to this post per note. Rented a car … Rental Cars dot com. Great rate for 10 days of 127.00 plus taxes and fees totalling 203.00 cool right. In advance. got to DIA ( Denver International Airport Car Rental ) Advantage Aka as Hertz Rental Car. advantage must be the best of my knowledge the lesser of the two or economy one. hum. don’t know. Got to the counter. Jeff a super nice . well seemed to be nice guy . with a shady gotcha but you don’t know it’s about to hit ya kind of personality. Wham!! wham wham!! here is the contract. Hey you guys you got a great price 203, Jeff showed me the price of $203.00 sign right here in the electronic box after after after looking at the paper work * he sat on the top counter for * 3 seconds . hey just sign right here . in the electronic box.*. alright guys we’re gonna upgrade you to a nice chevy malibu from that terrible little toyota corolla. you will love this car . man amazing, she ain’t nuthin but a gold digger. what who me? lol . Oh and here is your paper work. Oh and Jeff the rental cara sales man did push the car insurance on us he did he did he did * and I said NO * that’s OK *we will add it to our car insurance if something happens that requires the insurance. So I declined declined declined. thanks though. Then (( I signed )) the little electronic box. please consumer hear me, get the physical paper work in front of you and read it ! and then sign the electronic box. OH Oh oh oh , not kidding. Hey guys, Jeff said, here are the keys, enjoy the ride, you are gonna really like the car. OK so we walked out got into the car, while he was still behind the counter, Jeff the sales man at DIA Advantage Rental Car aka Hertz Rental Car. When you come back just pull up out front . By my new found best frineds. Hugs and kisses to you and be so good and worry free…Awesome man that guy Jeff is so nice… and tricky and slick and a great jokester. Ha ha ha ha ha ha he should be in Vegas doing “slap Sandi me comedy the car rental customer in the face” ha ha ha ha Jeff is so funny I almost forgot to laugh. got to the gate to leave, a young guys says, sign this. It’s so you can leave the lot. I was never told it was to check for damages from the last person using the car. HUmmmmmm. When all of a sudden I sign the paper getting ready to leave the lot. I signed the paper, yes I did, because I was told it was to be able to leave the lot..The young man put all kinds of numbers where comments were suppose to be. Hum , what is up with that. I was never informed it was to check for any damage of scrapes or damage to the car before i got the car. So when all of a sudden here come the car rental guy Jeff, He folks I am sorry ( I added car insurance to the car rental) do you want me to take it off ? Yes . sure. I said because we did not ask for it. *Funny how he showed up after I signed some other paper work at the exit leaving the car rental lot of Advantage aka Hertz rental car. Wow Jeff cared so much about us. Jeff shows up out of the blue sky….hahahahaha but I have since found after a few days of having the car some over 1 inch scratches and the bumper has some damage done to it and the right front tire keeps leaking air. hahahahahaha Jokes on Sand . right? Wrong. Jokes on them. I am gonna push this fraud to the Better Business Burea. But young couples who need to rent a car on a Honey Moon don’t need to go through this, and old man and woman don’t keed this hassle Check my credit card and had a charge of $653.00. Not much you say, sure but the car rental price on line said $127.00 plus fees of about 75 dollars taxes and what have ya fees. So I knew ot was gonna put a hold of at least $200.00 making a hold of about $403.00 and that would be with the deposit they always hold. Oh man , I’m doing good, I am. traveling a little ways and I know where I stand with this rental car stuff so now I can enjoy my road trip. right? wrong! I’m driving and notice about 5 miles after leaving the Advantage Car Rental place aka as Hertz Rental Car at Denver International Aiport rental cars. what? I have a slow leak in the front right tire. Oh wow , it’s so much fun looking for air for my Advantage Rental Car aka Hertz Rental Car in Denver at DIA in Denver Colorado. Then I saw a scratch and on the paper I signed to leave it was actually the paper you are suppose to walk around the car with to check for prior damage by the other renter before you. But actually I think the car I have is set up with scratches and other things so when you come back they can charge you what you would have rented a better car for in the first place. with God’s help I am gonna find someone to make their wrong my right. I am gonna believe God for vendication against their trickery. It may seem small but it’s fraud.

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