Complaint: My sister and I rented a car from Advantage-Rent-A-Car in Montreal Canada in mid July. We were given the option to waive insurance coverage if we already had insurance back home that extended to Canada, which I do, so we waived it. A few weeks after our return home my sister’s checking account was denited for almost twice the amount we were quoted for the rental causing checks to bounce. We inquired and found we were charged for insurance coverage. We disputed the charge with the bank and the money was credited back to the account. Last month the account was debited, again, for the same outrageous amount and again more checks bounced. We have gone back and forth with the customer service manager, Namita Khatri, who refuses to credit us the difference. Namita stated “Thank you for voicing your concern

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Phone: after revising your contract I came to the conclusion that we will not be able to refund your account. In our office it is standard procedure to take a copy of the customer’s policy if the customer does furnish it at the time of rental. This practice is a policy at our company. While reviewing your contract I noticed that there was no copy of your policy attached to the contract. I apologize for your inconvenience and thank you for choosing Advantage Rent-A-Car”” Who on God’s earth walks around with a copy of their insurance POLICY in their back pocket!!! Give me a break! First