To whom this may concern:I was doing a job search through I apparently hired as a personal assistant, for a company called Advert. I was working forthem, and they gave me a counterfeit check. Yes, Raymond Morgan gave me a fake $3,700 Citibank check! I reported the incident toIndeed a week later. The scammer Advert used a fake Indeed ad. The fake is listed below. The Citibank check is counterfeit! Thescammers use a fake Indeed positing! I immediately stopped working for Advert, and Raymond Morgan!Raymond MorganJan 26, 2019, 3:56 PMto meBest wishes to you on your new position as my Personal Assistant. l’m looking forward to your co-operation. After evaluating my Inventory/order of business for the week, you don’t have much doing for me this week. Which means your first assignment will begin by tuesday, the 29 of jan. 2019. I will notify my Financier to send payment over to you, which will accommodate your weekly Wages, as-well as the needed Capital-Funds for your first line of assignments.Remittance of funds will be sent via validated Check posted by Mail. It will be sent via Mail to your address as provided in your previous message. Your first line of assignment is to do a few procuring/shopping for kids and teens at any store in your area. It is for the kids in the Foster Homes. After that, you will mail-post them out via any available courier service in your area. Secondly, you will be sending out a payment to my Travel Agency as well which is most important.I will provide you with the complete specifics and instructions by monday. Please ensure you’re checking your messages reiteratively. It’s essential that you respond quickly to my messages, in order to attest to the receipt of my messages. I would feel encroached if l don’t get a response to my message. As previously stated, try to check all your mail folders, because some messages do go into Bulk–or–Spam mail-box at times.You’re required to acknowledge the receipt of this message by saying EMAIL RECEIVED. Feel free to text me and I will also be in touch too.Phone number: 702-546-8322 (Text message preferable due to my busy schedule)Respectfully,Raymond MorganOn Sat, Jan 26, 2019 at 3:07 AM ***** ******  wrote:Hi Raymond,- ***** *** ****** On Sat, Jan 26, 2019 at 12:25 AM Raymond Morgan wrote:Hello,How are you doing today? I received your resume regarding my indeed job advert, thank you for your interest. The position that I need help with, for now is a Personal/Logistics assistant. As a consultant with great focus in international business & Exhibition Handling, the majority of my clients are out of stateYour duties are as follows: .• Perform official assignment to detail/ instruction• Running personal errands (receiving and making payment)• Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence• Work independently without much supervision (inspecting items paid for at post office near you)Available Position: Personal AssistantType: Part-TimeHours: 10 Hours per weekDays: 3 days per weekWeekly Pay: $600.00The job is flexible, home base for now and can be completed at your convenient time.BENEFITS:• AD & D Insurance• 401(k)Please supply the following information for the next phase of the hiring process.Name:Address:Apt#(If any)City, State, ZipcodePhone #Bank Name:Best Regards,Raymond MorganOn Fri, Jan 25, 2019 at 10:09 AM ***** *** ****** (Indeed) wrote:- ***** *** ******