The company system is very easy and clear. You give a deposit for the use of the Advertising Board you place on your car. You get & 036;50.00 a month into your back-office account every month, provided that you have been paying your monthly fee of & 036;15.00 for the use of the back-office and personal website. You also have to upload current pictures of the billboard and miles of your car each month. Not much to do, right? You have the possibility to earn a large amount of money as you work and build your group. It is up to you to accomplish this, as with any other business you sign up with. But no other company pays you just to carry their logo on your car. Only Advicars. I have a Motor Club of America sticker on my car and advertise for free. MCA is not paying me to display their sign. I have the sticker because it identifies me as a member and the tow companies can spot me easily when I call for service. So be careful how you work your business and don’t blame others when you don’t work and think it’s the company that doesn’t work. Yes, they do pay for your commissions when you request them. I do agree that it takes a while to receive your payment, but you will receive it. I have been with the company before you started with them and know very well they will pay everyone that requests their funds. Please be patient with the company as it grows and adjusts their pay system,as they hire and train more office help.

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