Overy the past 2 years I have received continual estimated bills from AEP. On 2 occurrences I received a bill of $368 and one for $348. Since my home is mostly gas, these charged are outrageous. AEP always says it’s a result of underestimated meter readings. Yet, they neverake an attempt to read the meter. My wife and I have watched them peer through binoculers at the meter from next door. Thsee large bills create an unnecessary burden on my family when I have to pay exaggerated bills along with other utilities. How can my normal electric bill be more in October than July when AC is on nonstop? Hmmm…seems impossible that’s exactly what just happened this month. Makes no logical sense. I have come to despise AEP. I have never had an issue with any other utility company in past 20 yrs. It’s always AEP. I long for the day I can completely use another company. They could care less when you tell then your spouse just lost her job at the same time this ridiculous bill hit. I truly truly hate this company.


Name: AEP Ohio

Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Canton

Address: PO BOX 24401

Phone: 1-800-672-2231

Website: www.aepohio.com/