I called Aero Forze to repair my broken a/c compressor. They promptly appeared and diagnosed the problem as a worn out fan motor in the unit. The tech opened up a large binder flipped through a few pages and told me that the repair would cost $540.60. I thought this somewhat pricey–but did give him the “go ahead””. He installed a new motor with the repair taking about 45 minutes to an hour. The tech also serviced my furnace and did routine maintenace on the a/c

as I had previously paid $185.00 for tuneups. While the tech worked

I did several things: -an internet search on the motor and found that it could be purchased online for $100.00 – $150.00. While I know that businesses routinely mark parts up

I thought that this markup was excessive. -phoned another HVAC company who told me after I explained the problem told me that they’d charge $450.00 to do such a repair. They suggested that I ask for a parts/labor breakdown of the bill when the repair was done. I did phone the Aero Forze company office to ask to speak with a manager about their parts markup and pricing. That’s when the run around started. The person responsible was not available

they “”don’t provide such information”” and I was told about all of the things that my money was paying for: trucks