AFA Locksmith Took advantage of my 17 year old son Huntsville AL!!. On April 1st, my 17 year old son went to prom. He accidentally locked his keys in his 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. He called AFA Locksmith because they were the first website he found when he googled, and on their website they only charge $50 ($15 service call fee, $35 car lockout fee). When they got there they unlocked his jeep and charged him $142. He figured there was no need to argue and paid it. Monday morning (April 4th) I called AFA and the lady said I would have to talk with a manager and took a message. No return call. So I called again Friday morning (4/8) and the lady said that that was a normal charge to unlock a car. When I asked what the $90 was for, she said because of the high tech nature of his Jeep (a 2001 Jeep grand cherokee with no upgrades, right). She then told me something about a bag that was expensive, and the cost of fuel and the locksmith using his personal vehicle. That should have been put on the website if they were going to charge that. I told her I wanted to speak to a manager, and she took a message again. I will be hounding them until he gets his $90 back!

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