Tim McKinlay comes across as the next door all american nice guy – most con artists do. They want to appear nice on the outside to win your trust over. But underneath they will scheme and scam you without you even knowing. That’s what Tim has done. Now that Wealthy Affiliate has lost in court for doing this – he will soon go down. His scam works like this and he has a few scams. | Number One: | Find other marketers or other companies who have low ranking keywords & write a bogus review for the sole purpose of getting the SEO to rank you for that marketer or company. Remember – they don’t care what the review says – they want to stuff it with keywords to get ranked. Because they want the kickback from Wealthy Afffiliate who just lost in court for doing this. | Number Two: | Tim creates fake review to recruit others who creates fake review to recruit others . | classic recruiting scam. The problem with his and the Wealthy Affiliate blueprint is that they aren’t creating “real review” sistes. They are tryiing to copy each other while attacking other marketers or businesses. | There are several deceptions going on here: | People don’t know that he’s getting a kickback and his true intentions are. Tricking the search engines to stuff your keywords to get ranked for a term for the sole puprose of diverting traffic so you can get a kickback is fraud. ANy false info that is put down makes you libel in court… and that’s why Wealthy Affiliate lost in court. If you are a victim, contact the FTC and the FBI – put Tim McKinlay behind bars immediately. Get him off the net. He’s a con artist from back in the day.


Name: Affiliate UnGuru

Country: United States

State: Alabama




Website: affiliateunguru.com