Affordable Auto Affordable Car Care He sold me a car…LESS than a day. The check engine light, brake, EPC, oil, and speed Sensor Lights all came on! Car wouldn’t start one day, heat doesn’t work(he told me it did), lied about miles. Internet!!. 1/23/2018 I bought a Audi A4 from James Mills at Affordable Auto. I traded in a a 96 Cavalier Z-24 with several problems. I told him I needed a reliable car. He assured me this car would be perfect for that..and safe for my kids. I paid full price for the car! He was asking $6,750. I put $6,000 on my credit card and he gave me $750.00 for my Cavalier that was in bad shape. He told me to pick up the car the next day. I picked up the car 1/24. Within 20 miles the car showed SEVERAL problems. SEVERAL lights came on(check engine, brake light, EPC light, oil light, and speed sensor light. The horn does not work, the heat is not consistent(I told him this before I bought it and he assured me it does work..but the car had to run longer). Headlight error showed up and at one point the car would not start! After a few tries it did. (He also, gave me the car with VERY little gas in it. I was nervous about making it to the gas station!) I called him and demanded it to be repaired. He had me drop it off. I picked it up and opened the hood and it was all cobbled up with green string..and like red glue. (I have pictures to show). I called him and he swore at me and told me I bought the car as is and I’m out of luck! He hung up on me also! Now I’m stuck with this junk car! ???? NOT NICE!!! It still runs terrible and feels like it will stall at anytime, check engine light is still on!

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