*I’m not sure of the person we actually spoke too, my boyfriend actually spoke to someone we had bought a teacup papillon named star white n brown she was only suppose to get 3/5 or 5/6 at most I’ll have to look she ended up being over weight she was 17ibes after we got her fixed no one knew why she was so big, she didnt eat any more than my other dogs, they got a little bigger after we got them fixed but Lucy was badly over weight we had her checked for everything couldn’t find out why, she started having. Blood in her urine I took her to vet they said it was bladder stones, she had a lot of them most they have ever seen in a small dog her bladder was full she looked like a bean bag, they tried some special food to see if they would desolve she wouldn’t eat it, she did for 3wks she only had too eat for 4wks she got into her food so I just wanted them to do surgery so she was better, well she came out of it OK, she was in a lot of pain, brought her home, she was screaming in pain I brought her back Fridaygirl, I picked her up at end of day, they gave her something stronger she was doing better except wouldn’t hold still, about 2am I called they emergency vet they said I could give her pain meds again she had stuff coming out of her nose I thought it was medicine so make a long story short, I brought her blk that morning, picked her up at 12:26 went home had to rush her blk to vet, got there 5mins after she stopped breathing no body knows why?? This was last Saturday August 19th 2017?? They sent her stones out I’m not sure if they have been forming sense she was born or what, I didn’t care that she wasn’t as little as was told I loved her anyway and all her lovely ness, she snorted like a little piggy but she was happy and heathy, the arose part about this was I knew something was wrong, I had her there everyday and they didn’t know anything was wrong? Only thing I’m worried about is was she born with the stones? She was only 5yrs just turned 5 this lpass January 25/26th RIP my baby Lucy girl I messed up at end too much to go blk n fix …. Hope this never happens to anyone*


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