Loan not received, collateral deposit not returned


My Complaint: I applied for a loan that I desperately needed and was fooled into thinking that the ‘collateral deposit’ was just like what you do when you buy a vehicle, There was always some problem with getting the loan, and the amount of the loan promised kept increasing, apparently due to problems on the part of the lender. When all was said and done, borrowed $8500 from family to get a loan that never materialized and I also have never received my deposit back. They will not respond to my calls or e-mails. I have reported this to my local police department as well as the RCMP Fraud department of Canada. I am; now in dire straits financially and have had to enter into a Consumer Debt Relief Program. According to the local police department, they have heard of this so-called company in relation to at least one other scam.


My Demand: Collateral Deposit back