I called A&G Networks because our business network was down and they had recently left a flyer at our door. I should have been worried when the person who answered the phone barely understood English, but hey – English is not my native language either. It took 4 hours for the tech to arrive. He spent several hours in our server closet and seemed confused the whole time. When I asked him if he had found the issue yet, he said yes, and was close to a fix. Another hour passed. I again went it and asked him if he was close, and he said he had found other issues, but was fixing everything. Another hour passed. This time when I went to the closet the tech was gone. I asked our receptionist where he had gone, and she said he had left without saying a word 30 minutes ago. I asked her if the network was up and she said no. I called A&G back but there now was no answer. I tried on several occasions before giving up and calling rent a geek. They arrived in 20 minutes, flipped a switch on one of the boxes, and poof! Everything was working again. Total time? 5 minutes. I could have forgotten about A&G Networks, but a few days later I recieved a $750 bill in the mail! I called to dispute, but again there was no answer. I sent the bill back to A&G with a note, and assumed that would be the end of it. 30 days later I began getting collection calls! Try as I might, I could not explain the situation to the collectors. Now I am suing A&G for collection harrassment. If you have computer or network problems, do yourself a favor and stay as far away from A&G Networks as you can! .

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