We received two of 3 star Google rating with no comments on our Google My Business page. They were posted on the same day by two people we have never dealt with. A quick search led us to find that the first person, Kris Wham, is the owner of AgentOmega, a real estate service promising real estate clients the following: | “Finding The Best Real Estate Agent | We understand that finding a great real estate agent that has high levels of experience, knowledge, and amazing past client reviews can be very difficult to find. Agent Omega makes finding the best local real estate professional as easy as possible, and hope that we are able to connect you with the top real estate agent professional. If you are seeking an agent for listing your current home for sale, are buying your first home for your family, or are an experienced real estate investor who has gone through the process multiple times before; we are here for you to vet through the thousands of real estate agents and realtors to provide you with a list of the top three real estate agents in your community based on their history and experience of high volume sales as a real estate professional. | By providing you with a list of the best three agents near you, we are able to list their bios, coverage areas, sales history, and preferred business partners so that you can find the best real estate agents near you. Agent Omega’s network of realtors and real estate agents have a minimum of four years experience in the real estate industry, have sold at least 30 homes in the past year, are up to date with their continued real estate education, and are in good standing with their local boards.” | It’s odd because on some search results, Ms. Wham is registered in Colorado, and on her website, the location shows as Winston-Salem, NC. | This led us to believe that the owner and her team (the second reviewer, Jeremy Helsabeck) rate real estate companies not in business with them with lower review rating on Google My Business so they can promote agents and brokers that they do work with. If you go to their website, you will see 5 star reviewed agents displayed. This is a nefarious way of doing things and real estate clients as well as Realtors should know the truth on how they intend to put their service promise into practice. Real Estate boards require ethical practices and it is our duty to inform the public of what these people do. | Upon further investigation, we see that Kris Wham and Jeremy Helsabeck posted 5 star reviews for AgentOmega. | Update: While writing this, we see that Jeremy Helsabeck has deleted his reviews, so it’s a good thing we took a screenshot.


Name: Agent Omega

Country: United States

State: North Carolina

City: Winston-Salem


Phone: 336-904-3581

Website: www.agentomega.com/