I used Agoda.com to book a hotel in France for an upcoming trip. One of my criteria when booking my hotel was “breakfast included””. Using Agoda I found my hotel of choice the “”France Eiffel””. On the site it clearly states “”Inclusive Breakfast””. Inclusive meaning: to include or tend to include. nWhen I received my confirmation it showed “”Not including Breakfast””. I brought this error to Agoda’s attention only to be told that their site did not say it included breakfast. I then scanned their advertisement and again requested that either breakfast be included in my stay or that Agoda credit back an amount equal to breakfast for two days since that is what I booked and paid for. nAfter several communications I was told that they were not responsible for what is stated on the site and that I could cancel my registration and rebook the hotel at a lower rate since rates change daily!!!! nAgoda is affiliated with PRICELINE. nIt is a shame that a known name like PRICELINE does not stand behind their advertising. nTo some this may be a small issue and dollar wise it is BUT this is not the money it is the issue at hand and the fact that this company is dealing in bad faith regarding their customers. nCindy manleynDesPlaines


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