I ordered some perfume from Vitacart on May 17th, it was supposed to ship within 5~7 days. I wanted teh product to get here in a timely manner so I can send it off with a friend overseas. The friend travel time is upon us and i still dont have teh product. I tried to call Vita Cart, and all i get is an answer machine asking me to leave a voice mail. I got suspicious, researched their info, and i saw a similar complaint from another customer claiming taht he was ripped off. I will give Vitacart a chance to ship teh product within a week (this would make teh delivery 20 days from date of order). if they ship or at least return my voice mail to explain when tehy will ship, i will gladly report back. But so far, I have no reason to believe that they will make good on this order. I hope tehy will.

7909 Fox Chase Dr Fort Worth, Texas USA


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