I have had a second mortgage with these idiots and they have been nothing but a pain in their back side. Their customer service is next to none. In order to get a live rep you actually have to play around with the switchboard options(correct option to get a live rep is to hit the payoff option when asked to chose a selection). Once you do get a rep they are offshore and speak broken English. nAnother thing I have noticed is that these creep say one thing and come back with the reverse statements when a second call is made. nFinally the thing that ticks me of is their payment options. If you pay online you are charged with a $8 western union charge(other mortgage companies charge $5 or less so $3 revenue for AHM ). If you mail in checks they sometimes pretend its late or got lost in the mail. nThe solution file a complaint with the FTC(along with posting on ripoff) if enough people report there should be an FTC investigation. www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/ (There is an easy interactive form “click here for complaint assistant form”” on the top right). It guides you through the complaint process. nRanganspring


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