Complaint: Please beware of a company you may have applied for on hotjobs or craigslist. They have positions for Customer service, HR, Sales, Management, etc. I applied for a job I located on craigslist, I received a call from the “HR department”” a couple days later at which they conducted a phone interview. They said I sounded like a great candidate and could not properly conduct a full interview over the phone and asked me to come in. In their ad’s is says interviews conducted on Mondays

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Address: Tuesdays

Website: not some sort of weird investment thing. Please beware! They will make you think you are interviewing for the position you applied for and it is a scam.”

Phone: and Wednesdays. They asked me to bring in a “”Crisp resume”” and a reference sheet of 2 business references. I did thinking I was going to an interview. I got there and was asked to fill out an application and had my interview. In the interview they asked me about my background work history and what I was looking for in a career. I did my best and was told they were conducting 2nd interviews which would take an hour and a half and the man congradulated me on making it to the 2nd interview. That is when they put on a video that seemed like some sort of sales of people winning cars and making millions of dollars. This did not seem right to me