Worst company in south florida yet | they are rude, disrespectful. even their supervisor brian (no last name as he refuses to give it to me) was rude and disrespectful. all i ask is they actually do the work i paid them to do. | i thought possibly speaking with a supervisor would be a good experience in customer service, wrong again! | as for their work, what work… they were at the house for a few minutes, told me what they thought was wrong. which did not fix the issue and when i call them back the same day to let them know that was not the issue they state they will be charging me again for anything they do. when i asked why i was charged in the first place since they did not fix anything and what he thought was obviously incorrect the supervisor told me i did not know what i was talking about and the first charge was fair and a second visit the same day would be a new charge even though the issue was not fixed | hire them if you want a terrible company that will talk to you with disrespect and try to screw you over | ADDENDUM – the following day they sent out their senior technition Mark who actually too, apart the unit and found the problem. however when he called to get pricing from Brian the supervisor from yesterday he was told “just write down you found nothing wrong to cover ourselves” told him to not fix anything. I have cameras on the home that recorded all of this! He actually told me well there are some supervisors that earn it and some that marry the owners daughter. He actually refused to fix what he found wrong because the supervisor told him to just leave, and of course they kept my money!!!!

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