Company was hired for air-duct cleaning. Technician identified mold in A/C handler and advised that mold cleaning and freon recharge is needed to cure the problem. Customer paid for these services. Days later, A/C no longer blew cold air. Company was informed and returned to property. After assessment, company informed me (owner) that a brand new A/C unit was needed (~$3,000) and problem was unrelated to prior service. I refused that offer and got a second opinion, which resulted in discovery that company had tampered with the A/C and let all freon out. Second-opinion-company tested for leaks (none found) and refilled freon and A/C has worked fine since (many months later).nA/C Ductcleaning Company refused to pay for freon recharge or refund initial amount paid to them. It appears that they staged a scenario in hopes of selling a $3,000 A/C unit.President of the company, Netanel Brumand told me, “I don’t owe you anything”” and denied that his technician ever tried to sell us an A/C unit. Furthermore

they never acknowledged this highly suspect misdiagnosis.I am currently pursuing a claim in Duval County


small claims court against this company but also wanted to file a complaint with the bureau to inform consumers.When I asked the company president

Netanel Brumand