I shipped a container with AIR PARCEL EXPRESS on December 2016. I paid the shipping fees through a wire transfer, nearly 3k before the delivery of the container to my home address in New York. When the container arrived at the port of destination, I received a call from the local agent advising that AIR PARCEL did not pay the carrier MAERSK. After weeks of back and forth with the company, they obliged me to pay another $982 in order to release the container. I incurred not only damage from AIR PARCEL but from the delayed demurrage of the container at the port of destination. After thorough analysis of what occurred, I realized that an AIR PARCEL agent failed to provide the list of shipped items on time. They also never mentioned that their was a cut off date for the provision of the list of items. | The company agents were very rude and unfriendly when they knew that the mistake was on their end. They did not want to assume responsibility for their mistake, and they forced me to pay both the fine for 10 extra days of delay of the container in the port of destination plus almost $1000. I ended up paying almost double what I should have because of their negligence and dishonesty. | I highly DO NOT recommend this company. They are a total scam. If I could return the clock, I would never do business with this company. Now I am obliged to hire an attorney to get my rights. | [email protected]


Name: Air Parcel Express, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Miami

Address: 2250 NW 96th Ave #206

Phone: 877-597-0258

Website: www.apx-air-cargo.com/