September 7, 2017 – I signed and submitted contract for order 1777 with Jim Powers at Best Direct Shipping for the auto transport of a vehicle. Pick-up was scheduled for September 22-23 in Burnsville, MN for delivery to Las Vegas, NV on September 26-27. | September 8, 2017 – $1,350 check was sent FedEx overnight to Jim Powers to secure the auto transport of this vehicle. | September 14, 2017 – $1,350 check was cashed by Best Direct Shipping. | September 22 – 29, 2017 – Several emails were sent to Jim Powers at Best Direct Shipping regarding the pick-up of the vehicle. He responded with multiple emails indicating that dispatch would call me with the transport details. No one ever called me with details to pick-up the car and the car was never transported. | October 2, 2017 – Email sent to Jim requesting necessary steps that need to be done to receive the full refund for order 1777 as no services were ever rendered and the check was cashed. | October 11, 2017 – Another email sent to Jim Powers requesting the full $1,350 refund as we have still not received the refund. No response from Jim. | Do not do business with this company!